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Michigan executive order requires all customers to wear a face covering until they are seated at their tables.  We are now open for patio & inside dining.

with the new protocols in place through michigan's executive order, WE WILL NOT BE TAKING RESERVATIONS AT THIS TIME, IT WILL BE WALK IN ONLY.

We hope that everyone is healthy and practicing social distancing. we can't wait to see everyone!

Todd & Stacey 

Webber's Waterfront Restaurant

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6339 Edgewater Dr. in Point Place, Erie, MI 48133

Hours of Operation : Sunday: Noon - 9, Tues-Thursday: 4 - 9, Friday: 4 - 10, Saturday: 4 - 10

Patio Now Open

Our Restaurant's History

An Early Beginning

It all began in 1933, when a determined John N. Webber and his wife, Alice decided to open a small business on the banks of the Ottawa River known as Webber's Carry Out. During those days beer could only be sold in the state of Ohio, Monday thru Saturday.

Mr. Webber knew the Ohio Law, but he also knew the Michigan Law as well.  Michigan law had no law against the sale of beer on Sundays.  So with two cases of beer and a Michgan address just inches from the border, Bob Webber opened his doors and turned his first profit.

The little carryout became so well known that the locals would line up outside the doors on Sundays waiting to get in!  The people would come from miles around to buy their beer, three bottles for 25c or $2.00 per case!

The customers would purchase their beers and sit in the parking lot drinking with their friends and neighbors, gazing at the beautiful Ottawa River. There was a time when the parking lot was literally paved with beer caps!

Long Line

A Packed House

Wait Staff

In 1934 the State of Michigan changed the law pertaining to drinking. From this time on all drinking had to be done under a roofed enclosure. It was at this time the Tavern was built with a small kitchen to serve fish sandwiches and a few other seafoods. Rumor also has it that in a small back room patrons could try their luck on the slots!

New Construction after First Fire

Large Kitchen

In 1936 the Tavern was destroyed by fire.  In a matter of days plans were made to rebuild another Webber's Tavern and Restaurant.  This time a large kitchen and full seafood menu would be added.

In 1946 Robert K. Webber assumed management responsibilties of the restaurant from his father, John Webber.


Aerial of Damage

Demolished Building

In 1965, on Palm Sunday, the restaurant was destroyed by a tornado.

Rebuild after Tornado

At this time Bob Webber made plans to rebuild and  within 120 days he was back in the seafood business.

In the spring of 1980 the ownership of Webber's Tavern was to leave the Webber family for the first time in 45 years. At this time it was sold to Larry & Rebecca Merryman.

In November of 1984 Webber's for the second time was destroyed by fire.  A crack in the masonry chimney was the culprit of this tragedy. 

Fire Damaged Building

Collapsed Roof

Webber's Today

Plans were immediately begun to rebuild and with in six months the restaurant was back in operation!

The Merryman family has proudly operated Webber's Restaurant for the past 31 years. And we are looking forward to many more years to come.

Please come join us in celebrating 85 wonderful years of serving our community!

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(734) 723-7411

6339 Edgewater Dr
Erie, MI 48133

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